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BrewCraft - Jet Park Area,
Unit F7 Palisades,
39 Kelly Rd,
Jet Park

Jet Park - Ryan :
- Tel. : 083-230-9171
- Email Ryan

Also, Brewcraft - Germiston Area.

Germiston - Donald :
- Tel. : 084-561-0717
- Email Donald

  • Pale Malt – Southern associated Maltsters.
  • Australian speciality malts.
  • Dried yeast sachets
  • Malt Extracts.
  • Cappers, Hydrometers, caps etc.
We also stock the Still Spirits stills, flavours and turbo yeasts.
Donald and Ryan have combined their knowledge and expertise to provide brewers on the East Rand with a full range of brewing commodities and know how. The shop is open Monday to Friday 08:00 till 15:00, or phone for collection outside these times or for delivery. Pop in on Friday afternoon for that stuff you forgot !

COOPERS : MNA Brewing,

Tel. 082-920-9545

Email Marius
A wide range of beer kits from Coopers, also basic equipment such as brewing buckets, cappers, hydrometers, caps etc. Coopers are keen enough homebrew enthusiasts that they sponsored the WORT HOG BREWERS' Summer Beer Festival 2002 !

Dragon Chinese Supermarket
(Herbert & Angie Hui)
Diagonally across the road from News Cafe
Cnr 9th Ave & Rivonia Boulevard

Tel. (011) 803-6408
Tel. 082-966-3088
They sell Agar (~ R18 for a huge packet) which is strand like, almost looks like flat noodles - should last a few lifetimes !

Dried Orange Peel (Mandarin) R7 for 20g - for those Wit Beers
Llewellyn's latest find !

Draymans Brewery
222, Dykor Road,

Tel : (012) 804-8800
Range of grains, as available, e.g. pale, crystal, chocolate, wheat. Occasionally some other specialty malts. Range of hop pellets, as available, e.g. Southern Brewer, Saaz, Styrian Goldings. Fresh yeast slurries (call 3-4 days in advance). In addition, small quantities of acid for pH control, 'perisan' a good food grade sterilant and salts for mineral adjusments such as CaSO4 and CaCl2. Draymans is actually a micro brewery but Moritz is more than keen to assist homebrewers with ingredients. Please call in advance and speak to either Moritz or Hester.
Fruits and Roots
Hobart Corner Shopping Centre,
Cnr. Hobart & Grovesnor Roads,

Tel. (011) 463-2928

Email :
Agar, Health foods, e.g. oats, spelt, raw wheat, barley, gluten, etc  
National Food Products
93, Komatie Road,

Tel. (011) 646-9022
Fax. (011) 646-4416

The Homebrew Shop
Suppliers of NFP beer kits as well as all raw ingredient for beer, wine & cheese as well as general brewing equipment, stills for distilling as well as draft keg equipment for the homebrewer. A long running business, now run by Alex Barrow.
Rand Water

(011) 682-0746
Gauteng water analysis They can tell you what is in the water that comes out your tap…
SA Maltsters (Alrode)
2, Johnson Street,
(It adjoins the SAB's Alrode Brewery),

Tel. (011) 389-1320

Ask for George Sinyangwe
Pale Malt and Black Malt are standard products.

Amber malt (By special arrangement)
Chocolate Malt (By special arrangement)

  • Phone at least 10 days in advance (to ensure stocks)

  • Only sold in 50 kg bags.

  • Malt is sold ex-works only.
SA Maltsters (Caledon)

Tel. (028) 214-3100

Ask for Adrian Alexander
Pale Malt only

  • Phone at least 10 days in advance (to ensure stocks)

  • Only sold in 50 kg bags.

  • Malt is sold ex-works only.
SAB Hop Farms

Tel. (044) 802-8420
Fax. 086 646-7230

Ask for Gerrie Brits or
Linda Pretorius
Pellet hops in 500g or 1 kg foil sachets.

Varieties :-

Southern Brewer, Southern Promise, Outeniqua.

  • They give you the bank details & you can pay via the internet or via direct deposit, you then fax through the proof of payment.

  • Delivery can be organized through a courier. But the courier needs to be arranged by the buyer, it's not that expensive if you are only talking about a few 500g foil packets.
The Beer Keg
Vincent le Roux :
Cell : 073 501 3803
Fax : 086 544 9798

Situated : Randburg (Gauteng) and at Gilroys brewery.
Range of Products:
Local Malt (SAB Maltster smaller quanties)
Specialty Malts (incl Munich. Vienna, Pilsner, Crystal, Chocolate, Wheat, Caramunich and Smoked malt)
Whitelabs Liquid yeast, Danstar, Nottingham, Windsor and Munich dry yeast.
Hops, local and imported
Cleaning/Sanitising chemicals
Coopers and Mangrove Jack Kits, malt extracts and other sugars.
The beer keg started in Dec 2007, Vincent imports most of the ingredients himself and is also a brewer. He also sells full breweries and all the draught equipment you will need.
The Brew Master,

Leon van der Westhuizen :
Cell : 082 851 0325
Fax : 0866 843 701
Range of Products:
Local Malt (SAB Maltster smaller quanties)
Specialty Malts (incl Munich. Vienna, Pilsner, Crystal, Chocolate, Wheat)
Wyeast smack packs
Hops local and imported
Brewing Salts
Cleaning/Sanitising chemicals
Other (Yeast Nutrient, Dried Malt Extract, Irish Moss etc.)
Please feel free to contact us for any other requirements
Leon and his father George started this enterprise during 2007 and currently supply a superb set of ingredients, even flying their yeast in on ice. Leon is a brewer so understands what brewers need !

To receive regular emails from Leon on deadlines for imports, email him and ask to be on his distribution list.

Leon is also prepared to deliver to you at the WHB Meetings.

As of March 2008, The Brew Master took over the website of The Brew Shop, so if you visit that site you will now be ordering from Leon & George !
Cape Town

The Manager

Tel (021) 930-2415
Fax (021) 930-4007

They sell beer kits from their Wynberg(Cape Town) and George branch . Import Morgans kits from Australia.
Cape Town

Website :

Contact : Trevor

Brewing Ingredients: Wide range of White Labs yeast, Whole and Pellet hops, Speciality grains & equipment. Order form can be found on their home page or e-mail them to receive one. The quality and variety is excellent. And we're talking wine & beer supplies !


Harry Ackerman.
(011) 664-7247
Filter housings Beer filter (Llewellyn):Amatech, polyprop, flat seal 10 inch, not clear- they deliver
386, Proes street,


Menlyn Retail Park,

(012) 326 5314 or
(012) 348 7444
Electric Urns, up to 50 litre / 3 kW

Also loads of beer glasses and they sell crates for glasses.
Chick Henderson
30 New Goch Road,

(011) 624 1400
Steel reinforced clear hosing (R26/m) -

COOPERS : MNA Brewing,

Tel. 082-920-9545

Email Marius
A wide range of beer kits from Coopers, also basic equipment such as brewing buckets, cappers, hydrometers, caps etc. Coopers are keen enough homebrew enthusiasts that they sponsored the WORT HOG BREWERS' Summer Beer Festival 2002 !
Corner of Rudo Nel and Midley streets,
Jet Park

Tel : 011 397 7455
Fax : 011 397 7648
Email :
Draught dispensing equipment & installations. They do not normally sell to the public, but will help in an emergency and do so with a smile ! They sell to the homebrew trade via Draught Craft. These folk also sponsored the WORT HOG BREWERS Summer Beer Festival 2002 !
Distillique Beverages,
Unit 14E, Coachman's Crescent,
26, Jakaranda Street, Hennopspark,

Tel : 012 653 6871
Email :
Various brewing equipment related to beer & spirits. Suppliers of SG and Brix hydrometers and refractometers, measuring cylinders, digital pH meters, paper based pH test strips, alcohol meters, all distilling related equipment, distilling training courses, larger boilers/mash tuns (up to 500L), plastic and S/S fermentation tanks (from 25L to 2000 L) , fermentation bubblers, heat exchangers, sanitary grade pumps, chillers, etc.
Draught Craft.

Bevan : 083-417-7543.
Complete beverage dispensing solutions for the professional and homebrewer.

Bevan can help you with stainless steel kegs, beer hose, connectors, gas regulators, John Guest fittings (those grey pluggable connectors for beer hose) etc.
If you want to do draught at home, Bevan's your man !

Tel. (011) 393-5022

Contact : Rohan Chivers (Brewing & beverage sales manager)
Cleaning chemicals & sterilants. -
ElectraHertz Pty Ltd,
498, Krige Street,

Tel. (012) 804-0120
Fax. (012) 804-2585
You can get all your electrical items here such as heating (geyser) elements, thermostats for boilers (buy the 120degC one for a brewing kettle), heat shrink, connectors, multi-meters etc. They can supply the non-scaling heating elements known as 'incalloy elements', great for your boiler. They are virtually behind Moritz's brewery. If you come along Silverton's main road, instead of turning at the lights down Dykor Road to Moritz's brewery, go one more set of lights along Silverton (out of town direction), then left at these lights and they are a minute's drive down the road on your left.
Fuel Gas,

(011) 908-5287

Ask for Des
High pressure gas burners (like those Llewellyn & Moritz use) 112mm 11000-313000 BTU burners - R160 (1999)
Gas & Equipment
88, Bordeaux Dr.,

(011) 787-8316
Ask for Andre.
LPG gas
LPG Regulators
Gas fittings
Andre is an expert on LPG gas.
Gas For Africa
15 6th Street,

(011) 477-5629
(011) 477-1355
- Cooking Gas (9kg - R70)
- CO2 (R440/R37kg)
- Std Oxygen (R140/11.3kg)
- Ice
- Dry Ice
Kaplan wooden barrels
Cape Town.

(021) 862-1790
Wine barrels Use for lambics, etc

Tel. (011) 452-1116/9

Susan van Schalkwyk.
pH buffer solutions to calibrate your pH meter.

A relatively low cost but accurate and robust pH meter can be bought from RS Components (see below).
pH meters usually calibrate at standard values such as 4.0 (acid), 7.0 (neutral) or 10.0 (alkaline). Most pH meters need you to calibrate at two points before starting a brew session. For brewing the 4.0 and 7.0 are most useful.

They can deliver if you order enough (>R300 ?), otherwise go fetch !
Leeubrug Garden and Hardware,
Pick 'n Pay Shopping Centre,
Lynnwood Road,

(012) 361 4510
Soft plastic tubing, many different diameters This small shopping centre is on Lynnwood Road, about 2.5 km from the N1 going East out of town, on your left hand side.
160, Mitchell Street,
Pretoria West.

Tel. (012) 327-2600

Also in Pretoria East:
Tel : 012 803 0197/8
Unit 2, 129, Rooiberg,
N4 Gateway Park,
Willow Manor, Ext 65,
Pretoria East

(N4Gateway is on North-West corner of intersection of N4 Highway & Solomon Mahlangu (ex. Hans Strydom), entrance on the Silverton-Bronkhorspruit Road.
Soft copper tubing and fittings that can be easily shaped for counterflow chillers or immersion chillers to chill your wort at boil end. Get at least 10 metres long at 10 mm diameter (say a 20 litre boiler) or 15 metres at half inch or three quarters of an inch for larger boilers. No special gadgets are needed to bend the tubing, just wrap it around something round ! Because it bends easily its not a problem collecting 10 metres in your car, it comes coiled.
44A, Bryanston Drive,

John Dryden
(011) 463-1874
Kegs & keg fittings -
Oil Heat Services
79, Hill Str.,

(011) 886-1675
Anything to do with gas
LPG Gas refills
CO2 Suremix/Suremix 60
Pure Oxygen
Plastilon Packaging,
396, Thirteenth Avenue,

Tel. (012) 329-0309
Plastic buckets suitable for fermentation, 10-25 litres. These have a push fit sealable lid.
Pioneer Plastics,
5, Potgeiter Street,
Rosslyn (NW of Pta).

Tel. (012) 541-6000.

Coming from JHB, take the N1 north until you get to Zambezi Drive offramp, turn left at the lights, go all the way along Zambezi for several kms to the T-junction / lights at the end, turn right at the lights for 1.5 km and then left onto road to Rosslyn (R533 ?). Rosslyn is about 6 kms further on.
Large range of plastic drums suitable for fermentation, boiling etc. They can cut a drum to size, weld a plastic lid on a drum, do spin welds of females for a tap to be screwed in.

Tel. (011) 793-7033
- 3/8" Copper Tubing (Air-conditioning supplies)
(Approx R130/15m incl VAT)
- Copper Couplings (3/8" to 1/2", etc.)
RGM Plastics

Tel. (012) 666-7231

Ask for George.
50,100, 120, 220L Polyethylene drums with clamp fitting lids. Most people buy the black coloured ones as they are from recycled materials and are cheaper. A 50 litre drum like this can be used to store 25 kg of pale malt for instance, away from dust, moisture and creepy crawlies for several months.
Rivonia Mica Hardware & Paint
367, Rivonia Boulevard,

(011) 803-2006
Brass & plastic fittings
Bits & bops
Any hardware requirements (Llew is impressed with them !)
Ross Electrical,
CSIR Campus
Pretoria : (012) 349-1814
229, Dykor Street,
Pretoria : (012) 804-1432
393, Proes Street,
Pretoria Central : (012) 326-6512
Geyser elements, circuit breakers, thermostats and other electrical supplies at reasonable prices. The Silverton branch is directly opposite Draymans Brewery.
RS Components (SA),
1 & 2, Indianapolis Street,
Kyalami Business Park,

Tel. (011) 466-1565
Fax. (011) 466-1577
Email :
HUGE range of electrical components. WORT HOG members have been buying a low cost pH meter from them (e.g. the 'Checker' by 'Hanna' ~ R300 or so). A large international company with a 2,600 square metre warehouse in MidRand near the Kyalami racetrack. They stock some 55,000 product lines ! You can browse their catalogue online.
Seal Centre,
800, Helen Street,
Pretoria West.

Tel. (012) 379-6170
Rubber o-rings (ready made and the chord to make your own custom sizes), copper piping for chillers, range of compression fittings both metric and imperial. They really know their stuff, always impressed me with what they have in stock and they'll help you make a plan to get what you want even when (like me) you don't exactly know what's possible in the first place !
1st Avenue, Linden,

Tel. (011) 888-3050
A supplier of copper piping and fittings but more specifically as a supplier of high pressure gas burners and regulators Owner : Johan
Selecta Media (Bactlab)
Abcon Close,
17, Hammer Str.,

(011) 792-7383
McCartney(?) vials for yeast storage (+/- 30ml)
Agar (to grow yeast cultures on)
Sinvac Plastics,
163, Lloyd Str.,
Pretoria West.

(012) 386-6484
Plastic drums of all shapes and sizes !

Download their April 2011 price list with sizes here. (Right click and select SAVE TARGET AS to save on your PC)
For hot liquor tanks, mash tuns, lauter tuns, fermentors, conditioning vessels etc
Huge range of sizes from 22 litres to a few thousand litres !
Sondor Industries,
40, Simba Str.,
(Near Jhb airport).

(011) 452-4530

Also in Pretoria on (012) 803-4471
Insulation material, Foam rubber SPX33 20mm insulation material for hot liquor tank, mash tuns Wrap your dispensing keg with this - use Velcro - keeps beer cool for hours.

R120 for 1mx2m (2000)

(011) 626-3440
Defy magnetically coupled washing machine pumps, +/- R130 Wholesaler to appliance trade
The Gas Company,
25 Jacaranda Str.
(between Lenchen and Hendrik Verwoerd)

(012 653 3295)
Suppliers of LPG gas, gas burners, valves and a wide range of LPG accesories Soft copper tubing in different diameters Carbon dioxide and Suremix for dispensing -
Wika Instruments,

(011) 621-000
Measuring instruments, temperature, pressure gauges, electronic temperature controls, probes, etc -