17th Jul 2019

Start Time
7:00 pm


R 130||150 .00 each

The next JoHogs meeting is taking place on Wednesday 17 July.
(Note the date change)

We will be sampling “The Barrel Project”.  For those who don’t know, several club members brewed a set Imperial Stout recipe on their own systems at Frontier Brewing Co.  We fermented the beer at frontier and then put it into a Jack Daniels barrel for a few weeks to mature.  We will be cracking the first keg of “The Barrel Project” at our meeting!

Brendan Hart, from Frontier Beer Co will be there to talk about the beer, and may bring a little something else through to sample.

Brendan will also talk about Brewing with Brett…

Thanks again to our sponsors Liquid Culture and Brew Keg Tap who provided the Yeast, and NFP the Homebrew Shop who helped with the grain and hops.  Mark van Niekerk kindly allowed us the use of his Jack Daniels barrel and last, but not least, Frontier Brewing Co for hosting us , cleaning up, fermenting and packaging the beer…

I can’t wait to taste it!

We will also have a keg on tap at Winter Beer fest…

We will as usual have League Tasting, Q&A etc, and a few announcements regarding Beer Boot Camp, Johogs October Fest etc.

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