20th July 2019

Start Time
10:00 am


R 40 .00 each

When: Saturday 20 July 2019
Where: Bedfordview Scout Hall, 4 Disa Road, Bedfordview

As usual, this is a family oriented event. There will be a jumping castle for the kids and plenty of space outside to set up camping chairs and blankets. Please bring your own chairs etc.

There will be food on sale at the venue.

Pledging and ticketing:

You can submit your pledge HERE

Each pledging brewer gets free entry to the event and an additional 5 free tickets. For every 3L pledged, the brewer is then entitled to buy 1 extra ticket. For example, if a brewer pledges 18L, he or she gets free entry, 5 free tickets, and is able to buy 6 additional tickets. For pledges of 36L, he or she gets free entry, 5 free tickets, and is able to buy 12 additional tickets.

Tickets are R40 each, and can be requested from David Gibson at A glass is included in the ticket price and you will receive it at the venue. Non-pledging Worthogs members can buy 2 tickets. Guests who do not wish to drink do not need to buy tickets.

Please note that no tickets will be sold at the venue. Pre-sale only!

There is no BJCP competition this year, but there will be other competitions for peoples choice, best winter beer and the BrewKegTap Guinness yeast strain competition. More details to follow.

Ice will be provided to pledging brewers.

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