The WortHog Brewers (Worties) is a South African based beer brewing club dedicated to the art and science of making good beer.

At WHB, we’re about brewing better beer together. Our various chapters get together every second month, with each Club having their own venue and dates.

At the meetings you will hear all sorts of talks that relate to brewing, which can include topics like water treatment, recipe design or yeast management. We also do League Tasting, where members bring their beer in and the club tastes and rates them. It’s very valuable to get feedback on each brew. It’s also a lot of fun!

The best thing about WHB is that you learn at every get together. We are comprised of all levels of brewers, from novice to commercial and there’s plenty of knowledge to go around.

For some reasons on why the club is great to be a part of, check the benefits out.

If you’re looking for a club close to you, check out the “Find a Chapter” section above.

There are regular meetings and events – for a good view of the next few months, check out the upcoming events.

We hope that you’ll join us in the adventure of brewing better beer!