WortHog Brewers is a beer brewing club dedicated to the art and science of making great beer. We have chapters across Gauteng and get together regularly at meetings where we learn about brewing together. We also host a number of festivals through the year where we get feedback on our beer.

Some history:

Drayman’s Homebrewers Guild was established in June 1993 by Moritz Kallmeyer, a biokineticist with a strong interest in home brewed beers. The aim of the club was to keep people with a mutual interest in beer informed of the latest developments at his home brewery and beer trivia generally.

By June 1995 however, Moritz saw the light so to speak and gave up his other interest to become the full time Brewmaster at the Firkin Brewpub Centurion Lake. At the same time, the guild started to meet regularly at the room above the pub.

By January 1997, Drayman’s Microbrewery was born and Moritz decided to step down as chairman of the club. Subsequently the Homebrewers Guild changed its name to the Wort Hog Brewers.

The WHB’s club grew in the period post 1995 due to the energetic activities of a number of home brewers and we now have chapters in the following areas:

East Rand
Copperlake (Fourways)

Get involved:

Register first. You won’t be a member until you pay your yearly subscription fees (at your first meeting). But you will receive e-mails about upcoming events and meetings.