As the original Worthogs chapter, Pretoria meets every first Thursday of every second even month. (February, April, June, August, October, December).

 Our venue is Capital Craft in Centurion, where we enjoy a personalized menu and one of the best selections of craft beer in South Africa.

 Our meetings start at 18:30, once your meeting fees are paid you can enjoy the “beer of the night” and select your meal of choice from our personalized menu. Once our meeting is underway you will enjoy a variety of topics from local craft brewers, specialist in the craft brewing field and from fellow home brewers.

 We wrap up our evening with a quick beer related quiz and league tasting, this is where member can bring their home brew for other home brewers to taste, judge and give feedback on.

 Pretoria Chapter hosts the clubs Summer Beer Festival each year, which has been a great success and amazing day out for all who join.

 For further information contact Wil Foley on